Boating holidays River Thames – myrivercruising videos now on youtube

We are excited with the arrival of 6 short videos we had filmed over this summer at Henley-On-Thames, Sonning and Reading, now all uploaded on youtube.

We wanted to give a clearer picture of what actually happens on one of our River Thames boat cruises to help people decide whether it’s for them. Each week on this blog, we will give the link to one of these videos and we really would welcome your comments, especially if you’ve experienced one of our boat cruises on the Thames.

Our aim was to create a video that was different and ‘thinking outside the box‘ so that viewers wouldn’t automatically tune out. The key element is comedy and entertainment. For those of you who have been on one of our River Thames boating holidays or a day boat trip on the Thames, this will be a souvenir to remind you of your  boat cruise. Maybe you even star in one of the videos (don’t worry – we did seek permission first)

So here is the first video, aimed at parents of teenagers, teenagers, families and anyone who enjoys humour!

It’s about teenager ‘Kevin’ who doesn’t ‘do’ boating holidays and his reaction when his parents take him on a canal boating holiday on boat GINA.  Enjoy and please do comment on this blog!!

Boating holidays on the River Thames – kevin

Within 2 days of posting this video on youtube, it received 5200 views. That was totally unexpected and ‘wow’ were we amazed by the response. We really do want feed back as to why and how this spread so quickly.

Next week, we will link to the next video entitled ‘The cream Tea cruise.’ For all David Attenborough fans and those who enjoy nature programmes – combined with a subtle humour, this one is a must.

Our boat cruises on the Thames have been exciting and relaxing and we have had a busy season. The Groupon promotion has been successful this year and it was great to see many faces from last year’s Groupon. For people seeking a 2 hour boat trip on the River
Thames with a glass of bubbly and a cream tea with scones and jam and cream at a hugely discounted price, do seek out our Groupon promotions (next one will be April 2013)

Just a reminder that we are doing last minute deals for our winter breaks and if you subscribe to our newsletter, there are exclusive offers just for our customers and subscribers.

So, now we’re in the ‘movie business’ – well definitely on youtube. We hope that this venture into the realms of film will help spread the word that boating is fun and for everyone – complete with cinematic colouring and music.

The box office has opened and we look forward to your feedback soon!

To watch the kevin video click on this link:

Kevin takes a boating Holiday

Other links

Narrow boat holidays on boat Gina – as seen in Kevin



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