The River at Henley

Flooding Update River Thames 22nd February 2014

This is the first of a weekly blog to give our guests an update of what is happening in our area.

Please do check this blog every Saturday when I will endeavour to ensure to give more news.

The River Thames does usually flood in winter time and we are used to it. This time, the levels have been higher than before due to the amount of rainfall and the ground no longer being able to absorb the water, therefore it flows in to the river and the levels rise.

In Reading / Caversham where we have our boats safely moored in the marina, the river levels are definitely going down. It is not forecast to have more heavy rain but there will be some showers, so fingers crossed, the levels will continue to go down.


Further downstream, the river levels are still high, but Henley has recently seen the water levels reduce significantly in the park and meadows area. The tow path in places is still underwater but this is no different as it was this time last year.

Windsor and areas lower down have recently been on the news due to the flooding. This is not really in our cruising area and traditionally, the river levels go down at the top of the river (near Oxford) and it works its way down stream. This is probably why the river is much better here than in Windsor at the moment as the water has made its way downstream to Windsor and areas below.

So, as there are still 5 weeks to go before our first booking on the river, we are waiting to see how quickly the levels continue to lower and are in touch with the Environment agency to try and find out when they think the river current flows will be at a safe level. The worst case scenario is that, like all other boating companies, we start our cruising season a bit later this year. Please be assured, we will contact you directly if we feel your booking dates are affected. Right now, we are optimistic and are enjoying the sunshine!