Thames River Boat Cruise and Thames Boating Holidays explore a wealth of wildlife

The stretch of River Thames from Reading to Pangbourne is where it is said Kenneth Grahame  took his inspiration for the wildlife characters in his book ‘Wind In The Willows.’ As we cruise along this picturesque part of the River Thames, it is easy to imagine the characters as we observe the wild life along the Thames river banks. River boat cruises and Thames boating holidays are the best way to see England’s countryside, often totally missed on the roads.

We have got to know the location of various birds on the River and have started keeping a log of their progress. We’ve even started giving them names as best suits their characters!

Our first character we’d like to introduce is Geraldine the duck. Geraldine first made herself known to us during a Thames boating holiday in Henley-On-Thames last year.

She was quite a thin looking duck with striking dark brown feathers on her wings. She was ‘married’ to George,  a timid mallard duck who always kept his distance from our boat. Everytime we moored up in Henley, they both liked to visit our hotel boat Geanna and also our day hire boat Ginetta whenever we did a boat cruise in Henley.

Geraldine was the brave one and quite cheeky too. She would jump on to the boat and tap on the kitchen window. Once she saw that someone was inside, she would waddle to the bow deck and sit on the seating, waiting for her breakfast. Meanwhile, husband George would swim nearby, not quite brave enough to venture on to the boat, but hoping Gerladine would pass some bread down his way.

Geraldine was so tame, she wasn’t even phased by our dog Toffee. Once she actually came inside the boat. This was too much for Toffee who decided enough was enough and visualised her as a nice tasty teatime treat. Fortunately Geraldine quickly got the message and flew out. So what happened next..? Well when we passed by again on a river boat trip the following week, we saw Geraldine with 2 new handsome mallard ducks. George was furiously trying to shoo them away but we think Geraldine took quite a fancy to her 2 new male companions. Poor George was so cross. Who needs soap operas!

Canal boat holidays are a fantastic way to see wildlife. Our narrow boat holidays on boat GINA start in Caversham or Burghfield near Reading and provide a marvellous vantage point to see all kinds of wildlife on the River Thames and on the Kennet and Avon Canal.

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