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The Ultimate Guide To Boating Holidays On The River Thames

Boating Holidays On The River Thames…

My first introduction to the River Thames was at the age of 13 when Mrs Butler, our inspirational English teacher at school, gave us all a copy of Jerome K Jerome’s ‘Three Men In A Boat’ to read and study. Never have I been so absorbed in a book and remember distinctly laughing out so loud at one of the funny moments in the book, during one of our ‘silent’ reading sessions in class, that I earned the disapproval frown from our revered teacher. Jerome K Jerome’s book was intended as an informative guide book for those wishing to hire a boat on the River Thames and enjoy a River Thames boating holiday. The book provides an insight of the upper reaches of the River Thames, a stretch of the Thames that is still not so well known but is becoming more and more popular for boating holidays in the UK.

The book soon became famous as a novel rather than serving merely as an informative guide. When one reads it, you re-live the 3 character’s experiences with them and their mishaps along the way. It was definitely an inspiration for me and little did I know, it was to sow the seed for a love of the River Thames and the idyllic English countryside and that one day, I would own a fleet of holiday hire boats on the Thames.

So now it’s my turn to try and pass on this inspiration to others and hence this blog. It is by no means anyway in the league of the esteemed writing of Jerome K Jerome, but I am sure there are many of you out there that have had adventures and mishaps and some hilarious moments during your boat cruise on the Thames that you may wish to share on this blog. Maybe you have some recommendations on good places to moor? Or good pubs you discovered en-route? All boaters have a story to tell so why not add your story here?

So….. be brave, get writing. We’d love to hear your tale! Add to this blog and share your experiences.

Boating holidays River Thames

We’d love to hear about your River Thames boating holiday


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