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RYA Inland Waterways Helmsman Course

We are pleased to announce that shortly we will be running the RYA Inland waterways Helmsman Course here at

If you have ever wanted to learn how to drive a boat or to improve your boat handling skills on the Inland waterways, then why not book a two-day course and learn those all essential skills needed to safely navigate on the River Thames and on Britain’s canals.

Our boating holidays on the Thames already include an extensive tuition during the handover, but many of our guests have requested to do this course as it is an excellent qualification to have and they can combine the course with their boating holiday too.

Don’t worry if you dont want to book a canal boat holiday, you can do the course on your own boat or simply book ours for your 2 day course. Boat tuition is on our narrowboat Gina or on our widebeam boat Ginetta.

Our widebeam boat geanna is currently used as a house boat type of boating holiday, but we’ve had an increasing number of enquiries from people wanting to take our widebeam out as a self drive boating holiday. Therefore, if you hold the RYA helmsman’s certificate or book a minimum of a day’s training which can take place on the first day of your holiday,(a 2 day course is required for the RYA course but a one day course will enable you to take our widebeam out) we will start letting boat Geanna out as a self drive hire boat.

We are pleased to announce that our boats are all out and running again on the Thames following the floods. The river levels are still decreasing and most parts of the river (especially upstream from our base here at caversham in reading) are now back to normal. Some locks downstream from us, particularly Marsh Lock and Sonning lock are still running fast but these are still decreasing steadily.

So, our river boat trips on the River Thames and Narrowboat holidays on the Thames are starting up again and all we need now is some more of the lovely sunshine we’ve been having!

Cruising up the river thames at Henley

River Thames Flood update March 16th

It’s been a glorious week weather wise and we’re pleased to see the river levels drop to normal again.

The Environment Agency are now starting to display yellow stream decreasing boards at the locks upstream from Caversham lock. This is a very good sign. Usually 7 days later, providing it doesn’t rain, then the locks below Caversham lock start to come off red boards.

So, it’s still a waiting game but we are optimistic to start our season at the end of March on Geanna and possibly Ginetta (upstream only at the moment)

Fingers crossed everyone!

Spring is here! The latest on the River Thames Flooding

After a weekend of lovely sunshine and dry weather, we are cautiously optimistic that the River will be back to normal by the end of March. Providing it doesn’t rain again. So, thank you to everyone for NOT doing rain dances this week.

The Thames is going down here and has dropped a foot. The current is still flowing strong however and it is still a waiting game on this but fingers crossed, it will continue to go down and then the Environment Agency can then start to draw in the weirs to slow the river flow down.

Please enjoy these pictures which I took today in Henley-On-Thames. Keep thinking positive thoughts and here’s hoping we can all get out there cruising again soon.

River Thames Flooding Update 1st March 2014

The sun is shining and it has been a lovely day here. Spring is on its way!

The Thames is going down steadily and at Caversham it looks almost back to normal along the river banks. The river at Henley has also gone down significantly since last week.The river current is still running very fast though.

I’ve spoken to 2 lock keepers and it seems that the river is going down. The rain yesterday has caused the level to rise again but with 3 days of dry weather forecast, the levels should continue to go down.

Providing it doesn’t rain too much, there is a fighting chance that by the end of March we could be ok to cruise! This really depends on the trees and plants starting to grow again and drink up all the water currently still logged in the land and it not raining.

So, no rain dances please.

We’ll let you know next week of how it’s looking here.

The River at Henley

Flooding Update River Thames 22nd February 2014

This is the first of a weekly blog to give our guests an update of what is happening in our area.

Please do check this blog every Saturday when I will endeavour to ensure to give more news.

The River Thames does usually flood in winter time and we are used to it. This time, the levels have been higher than before due to the amount of rainfall and the ground no longer being able to absorb the water, therefore it flows in to the river and the levels rise.

In Reading / Caversham where we have our boats safely moored in the marina, the river levels are definitely going down. It is not forecast to have more heavy rain but there will be some showers, so fingers crossed, the levels will continue to go down.


Further downstream, the river levels are still high, but Henley has recently seen the water levels reduce significantly in the park and meadows area. The tow path in places is still underwater but this is no different as it was this time last year.

Windsor and areas lower down have recently been on the news due to the flooding. This is not really in our cruising area and traditionally, the river levels go down at the top of the river (near Oxford) and it works its way down stream. This is probably why the river is much better here than in Windsor at the moment as the water has made its way downstream to Windsor and areas below.

So, as there are still 5 weeks to go before our first booking on the river, we are waiting to see how quickly the levels continue to lower and are in touch with the Environment agency to try and find out when they think the river current flows will be at a safe level. The worst case scenario is that, like all other boating companies, we start our cruising season a bit later this year. Please be assured, we will contact you directly if we feel your booking dates are affected. Right now, we are optimistic and are enjoying the sunshine!


geanna saloon 2

We have the perfect self-catering accommodation in Henley-On-Thames and boat cruise on River Thames


We have the perfect solution for you, why not book a weekend on Boat Geanna, moored in Henley-On-Thames, and enjoy your party on your own private houseboat barge on the River Thames. You don’t need any boating knowledge as the boat is designed as a holiday cottage self catering accommodation on water. The boat stays moored up for the duration of your stay but we offer a 2 hour complimentary cruise on the boat during your weekend break, where we come back and drive the boat for you and then afterwards once safely moored up again,leave you to enjoy your party.

twin roomsHenley- On-Thames has a variety of bars, pubs and restaurants. There is a health spa nearby and Windsor and Ascot are closeby if you wanted to visit these towns or go to Ascot Races during your stay. Alternatively, how about a rowing experience on the River Thames with an Olympian rower?

The normal weekend price in total based on full occupancy of 11 people would be £925, but we are having a promotional hen party month ends on 21st february, where the total price is just £675 (price excludes mooring fees which are £9.00 a night and paid locally)

This works out at just £61 per person for a 3 night weekend.

The outside deck area is a great place to sit and relax with a glass of bubbly and take in the stunning scenery. You can decorate the boat to your own Hen-Party theme and party ideas and the boat comes fully equipped with satellite TV, DVD player (ideal for playing Mr and Mrs games) and the Ipod dock provides a music stereo system for your party’s music.

The open plan kitchen and dining make it a great place for doing your own dinner parties and the dishwasher means no washing up afterwards!

The maximum number the boat can accommodate is 11 people in total. During the 2 hour boat cruise on the Thames, we can take one extra person.

The promotional price of £675 is for bookings in April and May. June bookings are still included in the promotion but are £750 in total for the boat hire.

So, if you think this might be the answer to your party requirements, for more information and a live booking calender click here

For more Hen-Party ideas

Boating holidays on the River Thames

UK Summer holidays – why not try boating holidays on the River Thames for your summer holiday 2014

Despite the winter rain and weather, January always gives us the promise of better things to come and we all start thinking about what to do, where to go in our summer holidays. Having just arrived back from our annual holiday which we took abroad this year (hoping to catch some winter sun) we have decided to stay in the UK next year. We had forgotten about the long check in queues at the airport and our family holiday this year didn’t get off to a brilliant start as we spent the first 4 hours on the taxi way at Gatwick Airport, eventually arriving at our destination 8 hours late. There is alot to be said about holidays in the UK.

More and more people are looking for unusual places to stay in the UK, something a bit different to do for their family summer holidays. We ourselves are not content to sit on a beach for more than 24 hours (Ok, maybe a bit longer) but we soon get a bit bored and the kids start to get bored and so on. Having paid a small fortune on all the holiday extras, such as trips, car hire, excursions etc to provide something to do whilst on holiday, it made us reflect on the boating holidays we offer and especially value for money.

There is nothing quite like setting sail and doing your own narrowboat holiday on the Thames. Many of our guests are first timers, never having driven a boat before. Our narrowboat holidays on the River Thames always start with a 1 – 2 hour tuition where a qualified instructor goes out with you, going through a lock and general boat handling skills until you are happy to go off on your own and enjoy your boating holiday. We train not just the driver (helmsman) but also the rest of your party, especially any children in the crew. It’s a great way to get the whole family involved and children especially take their crew duties very seriously! For more information on Boat Gina narrow boat holidays on the Thames click here.

Many guests don’t actually want to drive the boat but normally look at holiday cottages in UK as a holiday inspiration, stumbling eventually across our Boat Geanna, which is essentially a 4 star luxury cottage on water. This year we are promoting events in Henley-On-Thames which is a popular destination and mooring place. There is so much to do in Henley that guests never get bored and London is only a 40-minute train journey away. Windsor and Legland are also nearby and extremely popular places to visit whilst staying on Boat Geanna. For more information on boating holidays on Boat Geanna click here

Widebeam boating holidays river thames

River Thames Cruise season has now ended and we wish everyone a Happy Christmas

Preparations for next year’s boating holidays 2014

Well, it’s been a hectic season for us here and finally the boats are put to bed. It doesn’t stop there though as we are busy preparing for another busy year next year and preparations are underway on all our boats.

Narrowboat Gina has just has a brand new Karndean floor installed which looks amazing.

Geanna has had new uphostery and curtains and is starting to look really ‘chic’!


Thames River Cruise – Birthday Party Ideas

Most of our cruises are for a special celebration, whether it is a 60th birthday party, a 70th birthday party or a hen party. However, last Sunday we had a very special occasion when a 100th birthday was celebrated on board Ginetta. We’d like to say many congratulations to Flora whose birthday was on 14th July. She and her family celebrated the day with a Cream Rea Cruise with bubbly on board Boat Ginetta. The weather was perfect and many passers-by congratulated Flora on her special day. Having enjoyed a lunch at The Great House in Sonning, Flora and her family boarded boat Ginetta. We then had a lovely river boat trip, passing through Shiplake lock and then continuing on to Wargrave. We are delighted and thrilled to help Flora celebrate such a milestone with us and wish her and her family all the best for the future.


Queen’s Barge Thames, The Gloriana Royal Barge

We were extremely honoured on Monday to have The Gloriana Royal Barge moor next to boat Geanna in Henley-On-Thames. Just after mid-day our new Royal neighbour Gloriana pulled along side boat Geanna as she moored just forward of us. As a celebration and lasting legacy of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the Royal Barge Gloriana was comissioned by Lord Sterling and small syndicate consisting of The Gosling Foundation, Eyal Ofer, Lloyd’s Register, and the Weston Foundation.


The Queen’s row Barge has 18 oarsman and its design utilised structures and techniques that have changed little since the clinker built (with the planks overlapping) long-boats of the Viking age. The Royal barge has taken part in a number of high profile events last year, such as leading the Jubilee Pageant on the Thames on 3rd June 2012 and London Olympics.

The Barge arrived for the opening of Henley-On-Thames Royal Regatta which opens on 3rd July 2013.

Our guests on boat Geanna had an unexpected treat when the Royal barge arrived. We wish the Henley Regatta every success this year.