GINA boat to launch on the River Thames 1st May

After months of preparation and a total refit, our new Gina narrow boat will finally join us in Reading on 1st May, 2012.

As soon as she arrives, there are guests waiting to board her for her very first holiday booking, but not before she makes her debut appearance in a film shoot!

Those of you who watched boat Geanna on channel 4’s ‘Four In A Bed’ would’ve known that the TV guests were her very first guests. And now Gina’s first guests will also be filmed on camera!

Click the following button to find out more about Gina including availability, prices, cruising routes and more.  [custom_button text=”Gina Narrow Boat” title=”luxury boating holidays on Gina” url=”” size=”small” bg_color=”#00ADEE” text_color=”#FFFFFF” align=”right” target=”_self”]

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