River Floods Thames update


Spring is here! The latest on the River Thames Flooding

After a weekend of lovely sunshine and dry weather, we are cautiously optimistic that the River will be back to normal by the end of March. Providing it doesn’t rain again. So, thank you to everyone for NOT doing rain dances this week.

The Thames is going down here and has dropped a foot. The current is still flowing strong however and it is still a waiting game on this but fingers crossed, it will continue to go down and then the Environment Agency can then start to draw in the weirs to slow the river flow down.

Please enjoy these pictures which I took today in Henley-On-Thames. Keep thinking positive thoughts and here’s hoping we can all get out there cruising again soon.

River Thames Flooding Update 1st March 2014

The sun is shining and it has been a lovely day here. Spring is on its way!

The Thames is going down steadily and at Caversham it looks almost back to normal along the river banks. The river at Henley has also gone down significantly since last week.The river current is still running very fast though.

I’ve spoken to 2 lock keepers and it seems that the river is going down. The rain yesterday has caused the level to rise again but with 3 days of dry weather forecast, the levels should continue to go down.

Providing it doesn’t rain too much, there is a fighting chance that by the end of March we could be ok to cruise! This really depends on the trees and plants starting to grow again and drink up all the water currently still logged in the land and it not raining.

So, no rain dances please.

We’ll let you know next week of how it’s looking here.