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Training Courses – We’ve updated our courses for 2020. Now you can book online.

RYA Inland waterways Helmsman

Boat training Courses on narrow boats and Wide-beam boats. 

Now the River Thames is quieter, why not take advantage and learn how to drive a narrow boat in calm waters? This is the ideal time to book some tuition. There is no river traffic and the weather is still warm enough to enjoy the river and learn in a picturesque classroom – the River Thames open air classroom is the perfect environment!

Even if the temperature starts to become cooler, all our boats have fuel burners on board. Tuition is provided on board a 58 ft narrowboat or a 62 ft wide-beam. Now the boating holiday season is in the off peak period, this means we have a greater selection of training vessels to offer your course on.

The course is designed to meet your requirements, as well as complying with the criteria and standards set out by the RYA in order to gain the Helmsman certificate. With plenty of room on the Thames, you can learn and practise more manoeuvres than would otherwise be possible on the narrow canals. If you’re thinking of buying a boat, feel free to ask those all important questions which would help you make the right decisions when purchasing a boat. it can be costly if you get this wrong!

If you’ve already bought a boat, why not book tuition on your own boat and learn its capabilities?

Our students come from all over the world. With a maximum of 3 students on anyone course, there is plenty of opportunity to practise your newly acquired skills in an informal relaxed atmosphere. If you are thinking of buying a boat and require more practise, why not book a practise day? This is a follow up day after your course which enables you to hire a narrowboat from our fleet for the day or a half day and to practise your skills.

We believe in building your confidence and teaching you water safety so that you can enjoy your experience on the water.

Places on our courses are starting to book up so book now and call us on 07780 88 71 72 or email contact@myrivercruising.com

MyRiverCruising is now officially an RYA Training Centre



We are delighted to announce that we are now up and running as a training centre for Inland Waterways boat tuition. Having been recognised by the RYA as a training centre, we are now able to offer boat tuition on narrowboats and widebeam boats.

One of the main reasons for offering tuition and enabling our students to do the Inland Waterways Helmsman course and crew course is to promote safety on the water. By giving our boating holiday guests training, we hope to achieve a high level of safety and to give our guests knowledge, boat handling skills and confidence while out on the water, whether it’s on our holiday self drive narrowboat boat Gina or on guests’ own boat.

We are in the process of putting together a holiday package that combines a boating holiday with the 2 day Inland Waterways Helmsman course. This is ideal fo novice boaters who may not be confident but will come away with learnnig a range of boating skills and will also be able to gain the Inland Waterways Helmsman certificate. Family members not wanting to do the helmsman course can still come away with a Crew certificate, giving them credit for their aquired crew skills and water safety knowledge.

Those of you not wishing to do a boating holiday can still book a 2 day course and complete the RYA Inland Waterways Helmsman course. The ratio for all courses is 1 instructor to 3 students.

Boating holidays on the River Thames are so much more enjoyable when you have the skills to helm the boat and crew safely, taking the worry and stress out of your holiday. So many of our guests have never driven a boat before and we hope to offer them a holiday that combines gaining recognition for their newly aquired boating skills and an enjoyable narrowboat holiday on the River Thames too. See our courses here.