Terms and Conditions

Please read the following carefully, if there is something you then need to discuss please do so, we will do our best to be flexible. We do hope you enjoy your cruise and keep coming back as others do.

1) Definitions: In these terms & conditions, the company means ‘Myrivercruising’ and ‘The Hirer’ is the person(s) named on the booking contract and who is responsible & liable under this agreement.

2) Booking Agreement: Once a booking confirmation has been given by the company to the hirer, the booking is a legally binding contract and the hirer is responsible for ensuring all payments are paid promptly within the given timescale and that all members in the party booking are aware of the terms & conditions as laid out in this document and abide by them.

3) Prices & payments: Prices are inclusive of VAT. Prices are in pounds sterling. A Deposit of 20% of the booking value is due at time of booking where the booking is more than 8 weeks in advance. The balance is due not less than 8 weeks before the booking start date. For bookings made within 8 weeks before the booking start date, payment in full is required at the time of booking.

3b) Energy Surcharge: Prices include the cost of diesel. The company reserves the right to add an energy charge to compensate for any diesel fuel increases that may occur as a result of the energy price increase. This affects only bookings made before 1st March 2022 for holiday dates in 2022 and 2023. Any bookings made after 1st March have this charge already applied and included in the holiday price. This may be liable to increase if fuel prices rise again above the average inflation. The current energy surcharge is £35.00 for 3 -4 night hire periods and £50.00 for weekly hire periods.

4) Cancellations:

If the hirer wishes to cancel the holiday within 8 weeks of the holiday start date, there is no refund. Any outstanding monies owed are still due to be paid.

For cancellations made 12 – 8 weeks before the start date, the booking deposit is non refundable and half the outstanding balance is due. Cancellations made more than 12 weeks before the start date will result in the loss of the booking deposit. We strongly advise all hirers to take out holiday insurance to cover cancellation.

COVID 19 Affected Bookings: As Government restrictions have now eased, our standard terms and conditions apply for all bookings.

5) Security Deposit against damage and breakages: In case of damage or losses to the boat or it’s equipment, fixtures and fittings, we will need to authenticate a credit or debit card prior to your boat hire for up to £500. No monies will be authorised to be taken provided the boat is returned with no breakages or losses. In the event of an insurance claim, the full amount £500 may be taken to cover the insurance excess.

6) Number of persons: No person in excess of the number agreed at the time of reservation may occupy the boat. The number of people occupying the boat may not exceed the number on the booking form. Breach of this rule will terminate the contract without recompense to the client. Should you have guests visiting, please advise us before the booking. The total number of people on board (including those in your party) must not exceed 6 persons on boat Gina, 8 persons on Boat Gema, 8 persons on Boat Georgia and 10 persons on Boat Geanna.

7) Health & safety: All persons using any part of the premises, boats or facilities, for whatever purpose and whether by invitation or otherwise, do so at their own risk. Myrivercruising does not however, accept any responsibility for any injury or accident suffered by hirer’s or their crew during the course of the hire period, howsoever caused. Myrivercruising reserves the right to cancel or alter all or any part of any cruise without prior notice, where it considers in its absolute discretion that there might be any risk to your comfort, health or safety or that the river conditions are unsafe for vessels to navigate as stated by the displayed ‘Red Boards or Yellow Increasing’ as displayed by the Environment Agency. In this event for self drive boat holidays, Myrivercruising will offer an alternative cruise / holiday date or a credit note for a future booking of the same value. No refund /part refund / compensation will be offered in the event of the cruise not going ahead due to weather, unsafe River conditions or ‘Act Of God.’  We also advise guests with mobility issues to be aware that some moorings on the Thames are not suitable for wheel chairs and embarking and disembarking the boat may be difficult  due to the difference in height from the boat and the bank. Please do check with us prior to booking to make sure the holiday is suitable for any mobility needs.

8) Delays & Late arrivals: Myrivercruising has taken all reasonable steps to ensure that all aspects of our cruises or holiday cruises are carried out punctually and efficiently. Myrivercruising does not however, accept any responsibility for lateness or delay of the hirer, for any loss or damage to hirer’s luggage, personal possessions or other property.

 9) Smoking: To minimise fire hazard and for your safety, all boats are fitted with smoke detectors and smoke alarms. Under no circumstances must there be any smoking or naked flames (other than those on the gas hob) anywhere on the boat.10) Loud Noise & respecting the environment: In accordance with The Environment Agency (Thames Region) By-laws, all music must be kept to a minimum noise level so as not to disturb others or wildlife. In addition all music must be stopped when approaching and passing through a lock. Hirers are requested to control their parties from making undue noise when passing through a lock, and particularly late at night. Hirers are respectfully reminded to consider other river users and to keep all noise and music to a minimum so as not to disturb the enjoyment of other users of the River.

11) Rubbish: must be disposed of in bins and under no circumstances must any rubbish be thrown in to the Thames which is a contradiction of the by-laws.

12) Alcohol, Drugs & Unreasonable Behaviour: Hirers of self drive holidays must not attempt to drive / navigate the boat whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs (including medicinal drugs which affect ability to drive or operate machinery). This applies to the helmsman and crew. Myrivercruising has the right to repossess a boat at any time if in the reasonable opinion of myrivercruising, the hirer or any member of the party is unsuitable to remain in charge because of age, ill health, inexperience, suspected or actual influence of alcohol or drugs or any other reason, or because of irresponsible behaviour which is causing or is likely to cause danger to themselves or any other person(s) or damage to any property. In this situation, Myrivercruising will have no further responsibility or liability and no refunds will be made or expenses met.

13) Life jackets must be worn at all times whilst the boat is underway by all persons on board.

14) Pets: The hirer must obtain prior permission if they wish to bring their dog. The hirer must tell the company that they are bringing their pet when making the booking. The hirer must bring a pet-blanket or pet-basket as pets are allowed only on the clear understanding that in no circumstances may they lie on the bedding or on chairs. The hirer must also bring their dog’s own feeding and water bowls. Dogs must not be left unattended in the boat or elsewhere. If subsequent to making the booking the hirer wishes to take their dog or to take another dog, then please contact us so we can book this. If extra cleaning of your boat is required after the hire period because of the dog, a charge may be made. In the interest of visitors’ safety, and following government legislation, we are sorry we are unable to accept the following types of dog: American Pit Bull Terrier, Japanese Tosa, Fila Brasileiro and Dogo Argentino even where these types of dogs are muzzled as required by government legislation.Registered assistance dogs will be accepted free of charge.

15) Exemption: For boating holidays, hirers are recommended to take out personal insurance. Myrivercruising shall not be liable for any matters arising from any cause beyond the company’s control or not due to the company’s negligence or wilful default including (without limitation) personal injury or death of hirer’s or their crew and passengers, loss or damage to property, breakdowns and mechanical delays, defects, damage, weather conditions, shortage of water, non availability of fuel, or in respect of any consequential loss, damage, injury or claim.

16) Complaints: At the handover, the hirer shall check the contents of the boat and equipment fully. In the unlikely event of any deficiencies or shortcomings, the hirer must notify the company at the handover. The hirer shall sign an acceptance form before departure and thereafter the hirer is completely responsible for the boat, its operation, its equipment until it is handed back to myrivercruising at the end of the hire. Any short comings subsequently discovered, shall be notified immediately to the company by telephone in order to give the company the opportunity to take any necessary remedial action. Myrivercruising shall not be liable for any matter which is not notified immediately and in any event shall not be liable in respect of any matter which is notified at the end of the hire period.

17) Third Parties: The parties agree that no person who is not a party to this agreement may enforce any term of this agreement and that the contracts (Rights of third parties) Act 1999 shall not apply to this agreement or to any document entered into pursuant to this agreement. Boating Holidays specific terms & Conditions

18) Age limits, group bookings and unsuitable hirers: The hirer must be aged 25 years and over and must be present on the boat during the hire period. The boat must not be driven by anyone under the age of eighteen unless closely supervised by a competent adult. Where a boat is occupied by a group of mainly young persons, the hirer will ensure that a responsible person, over the age of 25 years, will be present on board and in charge of the group. The company, in its discretion, may cancel any booking in contravention of this condition, before or on the start date. In this event, any monies paid will be forfeited.

19) The boat will be left in a clean and tidy condition with all washing up completed and all dishes put away and bins emptied. The Hirer shall make good/and or pay for all losses, damage or breakages to any fixture, fittings machinery or equipment. The Hirer will be liable for any costs incurred by Myrivercruising in respect of specialist cleaning due to vomiting or spillage by the hirer or any of the hirer’s guests or pets during the hire

20) Mooring fees: It is the hirer’s responsibility to pay all mooring fees for the nights that they are moored in a location for the boat. Mooring fees vary according to where the boat is moored (in some locations there are no mooring fees). The hirer is liable for all Non payment of fees or ‘penalty notices’ issued due to late payment or non payment. Hirers are advised to display the mooring tickets visibly in the window (bank side). It is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure that mooring fees are paid promptly and visibly displayed. Hirers are also responsible to adhere to the speed limits and are liable for any penalties for speeding.

21) Collection and return of self drive boats: Reservations commence promptly at on the allocated time in the booking contract on the day of arrival with tuition in the handling of the boat. The hirer must inform the company by phone immediately of any likely delay in arrival. If the delay is significant and affects the departure times of other cruises, then the hirer will be given an alternative later boarding time which may result in the first night being spent at the boarding point. The company will endeavour to do the boat handover and give the tuition as soon as reasonably possible. It is the hirer’s responsibility to arrive on time and no refunds or compensation will be given for loss in holiday time due to the late arrival of the hirer. The hirer will be required to check and sign for the contents, inventory and boat inspection before the boat is handed over. Hirers are responsible for ensuring their cruising schedule allows time for unforeseen contingencies so as to permit the return and vacation of the boat no later than 10.00am on the return date. Breach of this condition will incur an additional charge of £75 per hour or part thereof. In addition, the hirer will be liable for any extra costs and/or damages incurred by the company as a result of the boat not being available on time for the next hirer. This includes not having the boat tank refilled. Where the company has to recover the boat and return it to base, the hirer shall be liable for all the costs involved.

Early return of the boat:

Hirer’s wishing to bring the boat on a day prior to the return day may do so but with at least 24 hours notice. There is a charge of £50 in this event to cover the costs of a checkout not on a return date as staff will have to be especially brought in.

22) Self Drive Holidays At the start of the hire period, thorough training will be provided by a qualified instructor. Following the tuition, if it is in our opinion that the hirer is unable to safely drive and control the vessel safely without risk to themselves and others, then myrivercruising reserves the right not to permit the boat to be driven or crewed by the hirer. In this eventuality, the hirer can either pay for a skipper to pilot the boat for the duration or part duration of the hire period or they can stay on the boat moored up for the duration in a nearby location, but will not be allowed to drive the boat. No refund or recompense will be given in this eventuality. Hirers are not permitted to moor up overnight at the base as it is a working boat yard and no overnight mooring is allowed. Please be advised that in the months of June, July and August is can be very busy in Henley due to the Regatta and Henley festivals and moorings will be extremely limited. We advise guests to not moor in Henley during these busy months.

23) Self drive boating holidays Insurance & Accidents: Insurance: The boat is insured including its equipment and inventory against public liability risks. Personal accidents or loss or damage to personal effects are NOT covered neither is any damage caused to our vessels or 3rd party vessels where the helmsman has caused the damage due to driver error. The hirer and their crew are advised to take out their own personal insurance cover, including cancellation insurance. The boat insurance excludes: minor damage (Less than £500) which will be deducted from the hirer’s pre- authorised card. This includes paint work damage, damage to the rudder / tiller /propeller due to grounding, contact with a lock sill, speeding, skeg or stern gear, TV aerials, chimneys or malicious or intentional damage to the boat. The hirer is responsible for the safe return of the boat and for its safe navigation during the hire period. If an insurance claim is needed in the case of damage caused by the hirer during the hire period, the insurance excess amount £1000 will be paid by the hirer.

In the event of any accident or damage to the boat or other craft the hirer must:
i) Obtain and record the name and registration number of the other boat and names and addresses of all parties involved, including the other boat owners and boat hirers and any witnesses.
ii) Notify the company immediately by telephone with full details of the accident including damage incurred.
iii) Not in any circumstances admit or allow other persons to admit liability to any other person
iv) Not to carry out or have carried out repairs without the consent of the company.

24) Breakdown, damage and repairs: It is the hirer’s responsibility to take reasonable care of the boat and its equipment and to return the boat in a clean and tidy condition. The hirer shall notify the company in the case of breakdown, damage, theft or loss and shall comply fully with the instructions of myrivercruising. The hirer must not have repairs undertaken without the company’s prior approval and consent. Myrivercruising will endeavour to provide assistance as soon as reasonably possible. The hirer is responsible for getting the boat off mud banks or from where it has gone aground. The hirer is responsible for removal of weeds and debris, rope and other matter entangled in the propeller. The engine must be turned off and the key must be removed from the ignition when this is being carried out. The hirer will notify the company if any of these operations cannot be carried out without risk or accident and damage. The hirer shall have no claim on the company as a result of failures of the boat or breakdown and its equipment or for any delays caused by repairs to the boat. The hirer is responsible for tuning in TVs at each mooring location. In the event of TV ‘s failing to tune in, this could be for a number of external factors and myrivercruising are not liable for TV’s failing to tune in /work. Should it not be possible to receive a signal, there will be no refund or compensation given.

24a) Call out Charges of engineers

If an external engineer is called out during a hire and there is found to be no problem with the boat or any of it’s components and it is due to the hirer’s ‘operator’ error, then the hirer will be liable in full for the engineer’s fee /call out charge. Failure to comply with the company’s instructions may result in the hirer being liable for any damage or loss incurred.

25) Toilets: The toilets in the boats are fitted with a macerator. Only ingested matter and toilet tissue provided may be flushed down the toilet. Under no circumstance are any other items to be put in the toilet (wet wipes, nappies, sanitary items, other tissues etc) as these will block the toilet. A charge of £95.00 plus VAT will be made in the event of the toilet becoming blocked due to these items. The hirer shall notify the company immediately should the toilet become blocked. A bin is provided for disposal of items. T

It is the responsibility of the hirer to acquaint each member of his party with the above condition