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We have a challenge for all of our guests who book a holiday with us. Buy a duck from us and take it on your boating holiday with you. We ask that you take a photo of your duck enjoying his or her holiday and put it on Facebook and share it. We ask you send us a copy too. For every photo published on our monthly blog, we will donate £1.00 to the

We would love to see funny photos, cute photos and photos of the farthest travelled duck. Please give your duck a suitable name and maybe write a short caption too!

Here is our entry for the duck competition from boat Gina. We decided our duck is going to be named Chas and here he is with our westiepoo Willow whilst moored at Sonning. Stowaways the two of them!

We hope you like our entry

The Gibbons Family 23rd July 2020

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