New for 2020 RYA First Aid Courses

We are delighted to be welcome Peter Young who is an extremely experienced RYA instructor to Myrivercruising. With Peter onboard, we are now offering RYA First Aid Courses in Reading Berkshire. Peter will be our chief instructor for the RYA First Aid Course and RYA power Boat Level 1 and 2 course which we hope to be launching new for 2020.

We have just moved in to our new offices which are very well equipped and offer a spacious classroom for our shorebased RYA courses in Reading Berkshire. These include the RYA First Aid Courses and also Emergency First Aid at Work. Our Boating Holiday guests will now have a new check in area and waiting area.

We always strive to provide a better experience for our course attendees and Holiday Hire Boat guests and we are thrilled to have found new premises, very close to the boat yard.

To Find out more about our RYA First Aid Courses Click Here

New for 2020 RYA First Aid Shorebased Course in Reading Berkshire
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